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Banana ice cream

August 17, 2017

I’ve seen a million of these recipes but have never tried it. I mean, I’m a New Zealander. We’re made up of 90% dairy, what would incite me to ever want to make ice cream out of bananas?! I can tell you when – when I don’t have any ice cream, that’s when. Lucky for me bananas are a dime a dozen and I have more than 200 varieties here at my disposal.

To make banana ice cream, a food processor or a blender is just as important as the bananas. No food processor, no banana ice cream. Your bananas also need to be frozen otherwise you’re just making baby food.

Banana Ice Cream


Frozen bananas (In New Zealand, I would say “use one banana per person” but that won’t work in the Solomon’s because they come in all shapes, sizes and colours).


1. Eyeball an appropriate portion of banana per person and put into your whizzer thing.

2. Whiz it. First it’ll just look like cut up bananas but eventually, it’ll start to come together and get that creamy look about it. Stop whizzing when it looks like ice cream.

You did it. Made ice-cream.

3 ways to make it taste even better

1. If you can find it, chuck a little bit of cream in while you’re whizzing it to taste. Then if you close your eyes, you might be able to fool yourself into believing that you’re eating real ice cream.

2. Add cocoa powder while whizzing. For strawberry tasting ice-cream.

3. Melt a line per person of Whittakers chocolate with a dash of milk in the microwave. Stir into a sauce then use to top your ice cream. When chocolate costs twice as much as it does in New Zealand, melting chocolate is a good option for getting that chocolate to stretch. Plus, you deserve it. Your ice cream is made out of bananas.