Dan go lo clinic first time

July 10, 2017

Since I left New Zealand, I’ve been unwell.

I got off the plane with a splitting headache and still had it six days later. Real cool impression for the first day on the job.

Thinking it was a souvenir that I brought back from Fiji, I went to a clinic and spent $200 SBD on a dengue fever test. Malaria and dengue are rampant here so finding a place to test for it is pretty easy. Today marks myΒ first (kind of, minus being born here) visit to a clinic in the Solomon Islands.

The clinics here seem decent enough although pretty steep for the locals. I had some doubts when the nurse tied a rubber glove around my bicep as a tourniquet, but it worked a treat and she was able to find a vein to poke. Results came back negative.

I have been diagnosed with sinusitis and prescribed a pack of skittles for $20 SBD.

I’ll live to see another day in the Hapi Isles!



Dan and Nid
Honiara, Solomon Islands

Kia ora. We are Dan and Nid. Exploring the Solomon Islands for the next two years.