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See you in Lifou

July 10, 2020

New Caledonia is divided into three provinces – the North Province, the South Province, and the Loyalty Islands Province. Our first outer-island trip to the Loyalties was to Lifou,…

Solomon Islands To Do

Diving Munda

January 19, 2019

#Magicalmunda, that’s their tagline. Located in Roviana lagoon in Western Province, Munda is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Solomon Islands. Its drawcard: diving.

We arrived at…

Solomon Islands To Do

Marovo Lovin’

January 6, 2019

Our next stop in Marovo Lagoon was Minado Eco Lodge, about twenty minutes down the lagoon from Driftwood, located on a small island 2 km in circumference which Google…

Life Solomon Islands

Tulagi Memories

June 25, 2018

I spent my first year in Honiara, my second in New Zealand, and my third on a random island called Tulagi where Dad had gotten a job at some…

Solomon Islands To Do

Learning How to Scuba Dive in the Solomons

September 24, 2017

Diving in the Solomon Islands is like going to scuba Disneyland. Not only does the Solomons have some of the most biodiverse marine life in the world, World War…