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Kia ora. We are Dan and Nid. Nid’s Thai and Dan’s Māori. We’re from Auckland, New Zealand.

This blog started out all about living and working in the Solomon Islands. Early 2017, a volunteer lawyer role came up in the Solomon’s. Nid thought it was great because it was lawyery, and Dan thought it was great because she was born in the Sollies and hadn’t been back. The universe must have thought it was great too because Nid got the role, we quit our old jobs, and moved to Honiara for two years.

As of February 2019 (a bit short of two years), we moved to Noumea, New Caledonia, where our cheese selection has gone from 5 to 437 (and the locals ride around with baguettes poking out of their bicycle baskets). Seeing the number of blogs (in English) about life in New Caledonia could still be counted on one hand, we asked ourselves, why stop blogging?

Below are some questions people ask:

Who actually writes the blog? It’s (Dan)/(Nid) isn’t it?
It’s a shared effort, but Dan does the lion’s share of the editing.

How do you decide what to write about?
When we first moved to the Solomon Islands we couldn’t find a lot of information. We try to write about things that you can’t find on TripAdvisor and the two other blogs on Solomon Islands. We also avoid topics that may get us in trouble.

Your photos are so great. What equipment do you use?
A Samsung and Huawei cell phone, and a GoPro5 cos they can fit in our pocketses. If any photos look too good, it’s probably because we stole them from our friends with grown-up cameras.

I spotted a typo, how do I let you know?
Not possible, that’s just Pijin. But you can email us at hello@danandnidgo.com to tell us about how you thought you saw a typo. You can also email us just to say hello.

How do I cook slippery cabbage?
Honestly, we tried it twice and gave up.

How do I use fromage blanc?
Honestly, we have no idea but have yet to find something it doesn’t taste good spread on top of.

Hem nomoa. C’est tout.

Dan and Nid


The views here are our own, not our organisation’s.

If the names of people mentioned in this blog sound too wacky to be true, they probably are.

We’ve asked permission to be published of all faces you see on the blog, but we may have missed one or two if they’re part of a crowd.