Life new caledonia

Almost one year later: New Caledonia

February 7, 2020

Our first night in New Caledonia was almost one year ago: the sky was sunset pink, coconut trees swayed in the February winds, the smell of freshly baked bread…

Life Solomon Islands

Lukim iu Bihaen

January 3, 2020

Dear Solomon Islands

We’ll never
forget you, but we have to move on.

It wasn’t
you, it was us. 

Actually, no, it was you. 

Why did you have to be so bloody hot and dusty…

How To Solomon Islands

Shelling out Shell Money

April 15, 2019

Shell money is a currency made of shell that is used in the Solomon Islands. Although its use started in Malaita Province, it is now used throughout the Solomon…

Solomon Islands To Do

Maravagi Sunsets

February 2, 2019

If you want an easy weekend getaway from Honiara, Maravagi Resort on Mangalona Island in the Central Islands is a great option.

✔ Nice beach

✔ Great snorkelling

✔ Not Honiara

To get…

Solomon Islands To Do

Diving Munda

January 19, 2019

#Magicalmunda, that’s their tagline. Located in Roviana lagoon in Western Province, Munda is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Solomon Islands. Its drawcard: diving.

We arrived at…