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Dakini Tangarareh

March 23, 2018

If you visited Solomon Islands in 2017 you would have heard Jaro Local’s Dakini Tangarareh blaring back to back from every shop in town.

In New Zealand, it has become somewhat of an anthem for League fans and music aficionados in South Auckland and Hamilton. Better yet, maybe your first time was watching this vid.

Dakini Tangarareh by Jaro Local was 2017’s #1 hit song in the Solomon Islands.

Sung in Solomon Island Pijin and Gari, one of the languages of Guadalcanal island in Solomon Islands, Dakini Tangarareh is about a girl from Tangarare, which is located on the West side of Guadalcanal (for walkers, there is a great overnight hike from Lambi Bay to Tangarare).

Keeping in mind that there are over 70 languages in the Solomon Islands, Gari and Pijin is an obscure mix that practically no one can sing properly apart from the chorus, “Soreeeeeehh!!!”.

Just “sorry” with an accent, right?

Even Google couldn’t tell us the lyrics so in a selfless act of public service we teamed up with an expert (Nid’s colleague) and have transcribed the lyrics below (also on

Not only is this a linguistics lesson in Gari and Pijin, it also addresses a cultural issue of 02s (oh twos) in the Solomon Islands.

An 02 is the nickname for a married person’s something-something on the side. It’s not an uncommon practice and the fact that it has its own nickname is indicative of how prevalent the practice is. Most 02s will be young women, but it’s not unheard of to have an 02 boyfriend and some people might even have an 03.

In the case of this song, the girl from Tangarare is the singer’s 02. The singer’s wife, or, “boss blo me”, is his 01.

Lyrics aside, the song is so damn catchy!

Lip-synch with confidence, frens.