Our new purple house, Honiara.
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Dan and Nid move house

March 30, 2018

We’ve moved house and we love it.

Our house is purple. PURPLE! We’re closer to town, our work commute is only ten minutes not thirty, and there is a small canteen right beside us for emergency cans of tuna.

Best of all, we have our own space all to ourselves. We can walk around with no pants on, we make a mess and don’t bother cleaning it up, and we do yoga in the lounge in our undies #sloblife #flexibleslobs.

The house comes with a few cons, like most houses in Solomon Islands: a half-constructed kitchen bench, a white ant infestation that leaves piles of dust on our bedroom floor every morning, no rainwater tank, and a perpetually tired dog that lives on our doorstep.

Our new house isn’t fenced, but our landlord shares our doorstep and sees everything. Unlike our old fence which was prone to acquiring new holes, our landlord is far more vigilant and will screen our visitors if we’re not quick enough in answering the door. It is an efficient system and we are very pleased with this upgrade.

Not having a fence makes us feel like we’re part of the community. Ish. After handing out some Easter eggs to the pikinini on our road, Nid has gained some street cred and a nickname: Wakuman. “Waku” is a term for the shops owned by Chinese immigrants in Honiara. Most shops in Honiara are waku shops which stock anything from nick-nacks to groceries and other useful and useless items. Needless to say, Nid is neither Chinese or a shop owner but we’ll take it. My nickname is not nearly as snazzy: ”Missus blo Wakuman” or “Whiteman” obviously because of my skin colour and gender.

My co-worker lives two houses down from me and keeps us updated with all the neighbourhood goss.

E: Oh, I heard your parents are here now.
D: Yes they are! But how did you know?
E: Oh my kids, looked through your window and counted four sitting at the table eating dinner.

This has resulted in a few lifestyle changes like making sure the curtains are shut when we’re doing yoga in our undies.

So if anyone is keen for a visit, we have a spare room in the Purple House blo Wakuman and Missus blo hem.

Wakuman by wakushops, Honiara.

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    Anahera Lauterbach

    April 22, 2018

    Fantastic! Sounds like a great neighbourhood that you live in. I want to visit 🙂

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      April 22, 2018

      It’s an awesome neighbourhood. Bring my nephew. He will make lots of frens hia.

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    Henry Collins

    May 26, 2018

    Nice post! Thanks for sharing your story.