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An Homage to Tuna and Rice

September 13, 2017

Tuna and rice is a Jones family special and my earliest memories of family dinners are of tuna and rice.

What is it? White rice, a slathering of mayo, and canned tuna on top. That’s it – three ingredients.

As I got older and my High School friends started coming over and staying for dinner, I began to realise appreciating the simplicity of tuna and rice was an acquired taste. The reactions were usually:

“Yuuuuck, tuna.”
“Ummm… do you have any chicken?”
“No, thanks.”
Or the blank stare followed by, “…what is this?”

Where did it come from? This lazy meal which borderlines whether one can even claim to have expended effort cooking.

Step 1: Make rice (in a rice cooker of course).
Step 2: Open can of tuna.
Step 3: Prepare mayo
Step 4: Assemble.  

Sometimes we got fancy and threw some slices of cucumber on the side. Flash.

I became tormented by the uncoolness of tuna and rice especially when my friends came over: Mum, can’t we have something cool like Spaghetti Bolognese? Anything, just don’t let them know we eat tuna and rice!”

I haven’t eaten tuna and rice for a few years now and never really thought about it until yesterday when I realised where our family meal had come from.

Here! A little cultural souvenir that Mum and Dad picked up and never got rid of.

Everywhere in Solomons one can find tuna and rice. Every breakfast, lunch, and dinner, at least 83% of the Solomon’s population are eating some combination of tuna and rice. I just made that up but I’m betting I’m close.

Some say SolTuna (also known as Solomon Blue and formerly known as Solomon Taiyo) is the best canned tuna in the Pacific. Always cheap, always fresh, always available, no need to be refrigerated, no need to be cooked, available in more than one flavor, always there for you. Put it on rice, and you’ve got a meal fit for a (Solomon) king.

So while I’m here, in a place where tuna and rice is the coolest thing since Honiara Hot Bread started making sliced bread, I’ma embrace it.

And any frens that visit for dinner can count themselves lucky if we serve them a plate of tuna and rice.



September 9, 2017

September 17, 2017

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    September 21, 2017

    Kia ora korua!!! Wow it’s great to get these out-of-the-blue updates Dan, what an adventure you’re both on. Glad you got to catch up with the nephew and the whanau, that would’ve been awesome for you. Missing you here in the whare, not the same but you would’ve heard we also gained some new members (not new but awesome none the less). These last few posts have got me thinking, especially around the tuna and rice lol. Nice and cheap yes, would go a long way when feeding a big whanau, gonna add this to a dinner meal over the week and will let you know how it goes down with the kids.
    As for ya ‘bat’ adventures…………not too sure I’d be down for that one, creepy crawlies in the dark don’t give me the nicest of feelings.
    Caramel slice – yes when you’re limited to supplies, I could see how this would go down a nice treat. (As for the pics peanut butter, I clicked on your link, and didn’t realise you could buy the BIGGER bulk containers………….could that make one eat more though?? I do like a good deal, but feel ‘more’consumption would take place lol.)
    Anyway passing though and love seeing your adventure updates. Till the next one comes through, take care my friend and talk again soon. 🙂