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Home, Sweet Home

July 5, 2017

We’ve moved in already! Into a big wooden house on top of a hill. High enough to avoid flooding and tsunamis, solid-ish in case of earthquakes, and fenced and barbed for when the zombie apocalypse hits.

Houses in the Solomon Islands tend to be quite woody. We live on the top floor which has three bedrooms: one for us, one for our flatmate, and one for our true friends that come to visit.

Fully fenced to keep the zombies out.

Our organisation has looked after us well as the house came fully furnished including a washing machine, and a machete (standard whiteware in the Solomon Islands?).

Although we kept our expectations low and were bracing ourselves for bucket showers, we are happy to say we have a fully functioning shower and a flushing toilet.

Actually, that’s a lie. ‘Mostly functioning’ because we’ve already had two water cuts in one week.

Even though we’re on town supply of undrinkable water, the house comes with a tank which is drinkable and has proven it’s worth as a make-do shower during water cuts if you don’t mind the mozzies and frogs.

The best part of this house is the view. We can’t see much of Chinatown at the bottom of the maunga, but you can see town and Honiara harbour and you can even make a relatively educated guess about the state of the traffic at the Chinatown roundabout.

Not a bad view at all. Now that we are relatively settled in, all we need now are some frens.

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    July 24, 2017

    Wow, nice place guys! Dan, I can’t believe you took your hula hoop…

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      July 31, 2017

      I wish I could have brought my dumbbells…