My face after being betel nut spat on.
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New Year Resolutions

January 31, 2018

We’re back! And what better way to start off the year than with some New Years resolutions. Yeah, we know it’s the end of January but hey, we run on Solo time.

I love New Year’s resolutions. I love the heady optimism of setting them during the first weeks of January, and then forgetting about them by mid-February.

Apparently, goals work better if you make them public and what better approach than putting them on the internets where they’ll be set in stone foreveeeeeer.

Dan and Nid’s 2018 Resolutions

1. Visit Abland

This is the resolution we make every year so it would be a great remiss if we didn’t make it our number #1 goal this year as well, like every other year! There was no rationing of the cheese and treats over Christmas and we’ve come back with more cushioning than we left – the perfect foundation for abs to grow upon.

2. Master Pijin

How do we know when we’ve gained fluency? We realised the other day that Pijin is the only language either of us have ever learnt where we don’t know any swear words. So, appropriately, we’ve decided that our measure of mastery is when we can swear with an eloquence and timing so natural, it would cause even a local to blush. Next time I get betel nutted, I’ll know exactly what to say.

3. Clock 11+ hours of diving

11 hours of diving is how much it takes to justify the cost of buying our own dive gear versus having to rent it out 11 times. Other than cooking and watching our shows, diving might possibly be the only other hobby we have that we do together. Diving is a great marital hobby because you can spend time with each other in an environment where it isn’t possible to have a conversation with each other let alone anything that involves talking.

4. Host a fancy pants three-course dinner party using only local ingredients

We’re not talking tuna and rice three ways. We’re talking if Gordon Ramsey visited the Solomon Islands. Just haven’t figured out how to make a cake sans flour, butter or sugar yet. The next question is who these lucky people to ask will be…

5. Get published in the local newspaper. Times TEN.

You might think this is a bold statement. But, last year, the back of Dan’s head was published once, and Nid’s face featured twice. This year, we’re going with 10. Our sporty friend has already twice this year but we suspect this is because he visits Abland every day and this makes one more likely to be published than those who have never visited Abland. Also a great opportunity to get the stack of haikus we’ve written about the Solomon Islands published in the Solomon Star. Watch this space.