Welcome to Nugu Beach Resort, Solomon Islands.
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Welcome to Nugu Beach Resort

May 25, 2018

Nugu Beach Resort is a bungalow resort set on a postcard-perfect Pacific beach.

And that’s about it. We say that early on in this piece in case you’re expecting jetski hire or fire poi dance shows at night – this ain’t Barbados. Nugu Beach Resort is all about the chill beach vibes.

It is a two-hour banana boat ride from Honiara to Buena Vista Island in Central Province where Nugu Beach Resort is located. Arriving on the shores of Nugu is like exhaling a deep “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” because it is so pretty and just far away enough from Honiara.

Nugu, Buena Vista Islands, Solomon Islands.

What can you do there?

As forewarned, not much. But that’s the appeal of Nugu. When you want to do nothing with your friends and family this is an ideal destination. Your options are swimming, snorkeling, napping, walking through the village, doing mean bombs off a tree, and whatever else you brought for entertainment.

One of our friends showed us how to do the running man on a paddleboard. We thought she had it sorted. Then she lost her balance, ran full tilt until she ran out of board and it shot out behind her. Face made a big splash when she landed on it and scared all the fish away. Thanks a lot, buddy.

That’s ok though as the snorkeling at Nugu isn’t the best we’ve seen in the Sollies (relative to anywhere in New Zealand it’s still the bees knees). There are still plenty of fish around Nugu and they nip if they like the colour of your swimwear. Nugu’s hosts are also open to boating you around to other places if you’re motivated.

The bungalow accommodation is simple but made extra special with the mismatching linen. Towels and mosquito nets are provided and there is also a running generator at night to keep the fans going for (most of) the night. Some of the bungalows have an ensuite, some don’t, but, come on, half the time you’re peeing in the ocean anyway, amirite?

Nothing sets off romance like teddy bear pillow cases.

The food is pretty good. Lunches are usually a choice of chicken or fish. Dinner is a three-course affair of pumpkin and coconut soup, a chicken or fish main (beef on the odd occasion), and fruit and custard for dessert. Breakfast is a hearty bacon and eggs. All portions are generous.

All up a trip there will set you back around SBD 800 each for a group of 8 if you take a banana boat. That’s inclusive of travel, one night accommodation, and three meals. Cold Solbrews and soft drinks are available but bring your own snacks and cocktails.

Journey hia two hour
Sandbis, hammocks, fish dinner
Luk! Phosphorescence!


Ring Zac on 747 7657. Pick up is usually 8:30 am from the Point Cruz Yacht Club. Nugu will get their boatie to meet you at the Point Cruz Yacht Club on the morning of your trip. The boat trip takes two hours on a banana boat.


  • SBD 450 per person for return transport on a banana boat if you have 5 or more people (it seats up to 8). If you have less than 5 people your group pays SBD 2,000 for the boat and you split it amongst yourselves.
  • SBD 240 per person for lunch, dinner, and breakfast the next day.
  • SBD 600 for the family bungalow that has 2 rooms, SBD 450 for a self-contained bungalow that sleeps one couple, or SBD 350 for a twin-share room.