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December 19, 2018

 In Honiara, one of our favourite cultural practices is the vehicle sticker. No vehicle here is complete without its own gawdy sticker and the bigger the better. (Click image to revel in full-sized glory).

It doesn’t matter if you have a car, taxi, bus, or truck, naming your vehicle is a rite of passage for any self-respecting car owner in the Solomon Islands.

To be one of the cool kids, read on.

How to be part of the Cool Kids Club

Step 1. The Naming

We imagine this is similar to naming your child, except harder.

As far as we can tell there are no rules except no swear words.

We thought hard about our car name for four months before committing to the racy and situationally appropriate, Pothole Rider. Then we realised we were missing the once in a lifetime opportunity to have huge muscles slapped on our back window so we changed it at the last minute.

Think hard – a good car name needs to fit like a second skin.

Step 2. Designing

You can design your sticker yourself but for the adventurous, there are a number of sticker establishments around town including DJ Graphics and Access Plus, both in Ranadi near the golf course roundabout.

What you want to order is a car sticker, white background, contour cut.

Fill out the form, tell them your hopes and dreams, email them a photo if you have one, and they’ll design something for you. If you don’t know the exact measurements the receptionist can tape measure the general area you want the sticker to grace.

They’ll give you a quote, you pay, then you’ll wait for the designer to email you a concept.

Step 3: Thumbs up

You and the designer will tweak the design over the next few days until you give it the thumbs up.

Confirm to print, and wait for your sticker to be printed.

You will be positively itchy with anticipation.

Step 4: Stick it

You’ve recieved the call and your sticker is ready for pick up!

Brand that bad boy (or girl) and welcome to the cool kids club.

BnB and the lovely Dust Queen for letting us use their faces.
Juggernaut – LERRY, Heman86, Marvel.


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