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The Holiest of Holies

August 27, 2017

There is a hole in my fence.

A human-sized hole.

While Nid was taking pictures of the hole with my leg hanging through it for the gram, it occurred to us that our life in Honiara is full of interesting and exciting holes.

So many holes, we were impassioned to write about them.

Dan and Nid’s Top Five holes

#1 – Coconut Eye Holes

Coconuts are essential for survival in the Sollies and ‘finding the eyes’ are a daily ritual for us.

Our favourite thing in the morning used to be throwing them off the deck but we stopped that when we realised we had a gardener that had to pick them up. Oooops.

#2 – The Pot-holes of Honiara

The bane of every driver (and pedestrian) here in the Solomon Islands.

Studies have shown there are more potholes to road in the Solomon Islands. Every once in a while there are some attempts made by the council to fix them but because they “fillem up wit sugar,” one hearty downpour and they come back – bigger, nastier, and more vengeful than ever.

#3 – The Composting Hole

This is the compost hole we dug. Since being here, our food waste has doubled and our household waste has halved especially since fruit and vege from the market comes wrapped in leaves.

#4 – The Holes in the Floor

Another item on the never-ending list of things we pester the landlord about are all the red X’s taped on our floorboards.

We have termites. Quite serious.

One could be forgiven for thinking these are targets. They are not. They are reminders not to step on this particular floorboard because it may or may not cave in.

#5 – And, the Holiest of Holies, the Hole in our Fence!

About a month ago, our flatmate’s backpack got stolen from our deck and it probably has something to do with this hole. Since the finding of the hole, it means I sit anxiously at my bedroom window watching my washing dry because I’m scared someone will nick my bedsheets.

In the Solomon Islands, most property owners invest in a fence. A legacy that probably stemmed from the violence of the 1998-2003 tensions.

Even though we’ve only listed five, this is merely the narrowed down list of a much longer list.

There are so many more holes that the Solomon’s has to offer.